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Play School and Kindergarten Curriculum

Information and Communication Technology Laboratories
Ideally, a child enters one of our Pre-Primary classrooms as a two+ and remains in that same environment for three consecutive years. By the time a child has completed a three-year Kindergarten Cycle (encompassing the traditional pre-school and kindergarten ages) the child is comfortable working independently, to complete a complex series of tasks happily. Kindergarten classes are generally divided evenly between 2 1/2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4 year olds at the start of the School year. Each child progresses at a pace that is individually appropriate in each curriculum area, allowing each student to feel successful and challenged at all times. The Kindergarten classes are geared towards children at the start of 1st April of the school year as per the age criterion given below:

  • Pre-K - 2 1/2 + years

  • K1 - 3+ years

  • K2 - 4+ years

Kindergarten environment is scaled to the children's size and filled with developmentally appropriate activities and materials designed to allow the children to grow and explore, developing independence and self-reliance. Our trained teachers guide them toward independence and accomplishment in a gentle and supportive way. Colourful and vibrant classrooms are centres of happy activity that allows varied experiences to foster not only numeracy and literacy but also creativity and imagination. Our child-centric curriculum is designed to bring an all round development by providing a range of activities to develop social and academic skills through experiential learning, class presentations, assemblies and school performances that happen throughout the year. Children are encouraged to look beyond the walls of their classroom by undertaking pleasure trips and school excursions. This program serves children with materials and furnishings tailored to make them passionate learners for life.